improve website performance

Website performance optimization 40% of online consumers will abandon your website if it takes 3 or more seconds to load. Nowadays, we live in the age of instant results. Instant updates, rapid downloads, 5 minute meals etc. Anything short of instant is considered expendable.These are the expectations for every consumer,…

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Blaine Thompson WordPress theme

Blaine Thompson theme Blaine Thompson is a WordPress Elementor theme with eye-catching and quality design. It is a minimal theme with clean typography and is perfect for lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty bloggers.Being an Elementor theme, it comes with a drag and drop interface that you can easily add elements…

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Configuring WordPress settings for the first time

Configuring WordPress settings for the first time When you first install WordPress for the first time, it comes with default settings.These settings are not necessarily the right settings for your blog or website.It’s important to configure these settings correctly to ensure it serves you and your blog correctly.This is a…

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