Blaine Thompson theme

Blaine Thompson is a WordPress Elementor theme with eye-catching and quality design. It is a minimal theme with clean typography and is perfect for lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty bloggers.

Being an Elementor theme, it comes with a drag and drop interface that you can easily add elements to your pages to create any type of layout.

It also comes with a live customizer that you can easily tweak your colors, fonts, background, and more.

Blaine Thompson is mobile and tablet responsive and allows retina optimized logos. It also comes with a ready designed sidebar that you can customize to your liking, with an Ad placement section at the bottom to showcase sponsored content.

This theme is built upon oceanwp, and comes with the following templates:

  1. Homepage template
  2. About page template
  3. Column classes template
  4. Contact page template
  5. Instagram template
  6. Portfolio template
  7. Pricing template
  8. Sidebar  template
  9. 3 sample posts template

Click on the images to view the live demo of each page.

The Homepage

The homepage comes with a unique grid style layout that can showcase up to 4 images.

There is a section where you can display an excerpt about your website/blog or a short description of what you do.

A subscription form has been added on the home page to allow you to collect as many emails and gives you the flexibility to add as many fields within your form as you would like.

The section below the subscription form offers you the space to display major categories within your blog, in a modern design.

The latest blog section of the homepage allows you to unveil some of the items with your post that can be purchased.

It offers a quick and convenient way for your readers to have an idea about what to expect from within your post and an easy access the items on display.

The About Page

The about page is a supreme page for your blog. This is where your visitors get to meet you and know about your brand.

The first thing you encounter on the about page is a large boxed image that can either be you or an image that represents your brand.

The theme also allows you to display some statistics about you and your business as well as a section where you can display testimonials from your clients.

The Portfolio page

The portfolio page rocks a Dribble-esque design that is clean and aesthetically pleasing.

The images are beautifully displayed and have the float animation applied whenever you hover over them.

A small summary section has been provided where you can include a summary of your work.

The Instagram page template

The Instagram page gives you the flexibility to design and organize important links with no limitations. Many people make use of Linktree to do the same.

Without having to pay a single cent, you can have the URL match your brand name and can include many more elements other than just links, for instance, you can add a subscription form, to collect emails directly from your Instagram page and latest posts

The Pricing page

The pricing page is pretty straightforward. It contains 3 pricing plans with the option to add more should you need to.

Column classes

Elementor has an inner section widget (previously called column widget) that allows you to have multiple columns within a single section.

Therefore you can break down your information into as many columns as you’d like.

The Contact page

The contact page is a two column affair, where the first column displays the contact form itself while the latter displays an image of your choice and your social media links.

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