A step-by-step guide to building your first email list and email campaign

Building an email list sounds like a lot of work, right?

Well, fire up your laptop and  grab yourself a steaming cup of coffee, because i will walk you through the entire process of setting up your first email list, and sending your first email campaign without missing a single step.

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But first, let me tell you why it’s important to start building an email list ASAP.

For the longest time, I ran my first creative blog without an email marketing strategy in mind. It was easier for me to assume that I could do without it because I hadn’t experienced the benefits of having one. You really can’t miss something you never had right!

Rookie move on my part!

Thank God, now I know what I didn’t know back then.

For starters, having an email list will generate frequent traffic to your blog, because with every new blog post, or upcoming announcement, your trusted subscribers would be the first people you tell, which translates into regular traffic.

Secondly, having an email list will be a huge boost in terms of generating sales and making your subscribers aware of new products or upcoming events such as when you are holding a sale etc.

So, where can you have the opt-in form?

First, you can have as many opt-in forms as you’d like (but in moderation kids!). A common mistake most people make is having only ONE opt-in form in their entire blog.

It’s best to spread it around your blog, especially in places where it is most likely to be seen more and get you subscribers i.e within blog posts.

Some of this places include:

  1. On the homepage of your blog.
  2. On your blog sidebar.
  3. At the footer of your blog
  4. A pop-up form.
  5. At the bottom of your shop page.
  6. On your Instagram landing page.
  7. At the bottom of every blog post.
  8. On the landing page of each campaign.

Let’s get you started.

To get started, create a FREE account by clicking here.  Constant Contact gives you a 60 days free trial period to try it out.

Click on Start your Free month of Email Marketing to create your free account.

On the Email Plan page, all you need to do is enter your Email and password and click on Next.

Next enter your billing info. (Don’t worry, no charge will be applied to you and you can cancel anytime).

Once successful, you will be redirected to your Constant Contact dashboard.

Create your first Email List.

To create an email list, click on Simple contact management.

Next click on Add Contacts.

On the left, select Email Lists.

Select Enter a new list.

Give the list a name and click Add List.

Now let’s add contacts to your newly created list. When you click on Add Contact, you will have the following options.

You can choose to enter one contact at a time or copy and paste multiple email addresses from your previous lists.

You can also upload a file of contacts to your list.

For testing purposes, enter your own personal email and a friend’s email address.
To enter multiple contacts select Type in or paste contacts. Enter their contact details and click on continue.

Click on the + icon to choose the list to associate the contacts with and add a tag to easily identify them with.

Create your Sign-up form

The sign-up form is your call to action on your blog.

To create one, select Sign-up forms and welcome emails.

Next click on the Customize welcome emails button.

Select sign-up forms and click the + icon to add a sign-up form

There are three types of sign-up forms you can create as shown below.

Choose one that applies to you and customize it as you’d like. Once you are done click on publish and select the appropriate list to associate it with.
You should be able to see your newly created sign-up form as ACTIVE.

Add your sign-up form to your WordPress site

To use the newly created sign-up form on your blog, select Inline code.

Next choose Universal code.

Copy the universal code displayed and paste it before the </body>  tag in your WordPress site. (This is a ONE TIME ONLY step.)

Go to your WordPress dashboard. Select PluginsAdd New and install a plugin called Insert headers and footers.

Once installed, go to SettingsInsert headers and footers. Paste your code under “scripts in footer ” and Save.

Now you can use any Constant Contact form anywhere around your WordPress site.

Go back to your sign-up form and select inline code. Copy the inline code and paste it anywhere on your blog.


To use the signup form in a blog post for instance, go to posts, select the post and in your WordPress editor, choose the text tab. Paste the code and update your post.

The sign-up form then appears in the post as shown below.

Finally, create your Email campaign

To create an email campaign, go to Professional looking templates and click on Start your email.

Constant Contact has beautiful email templates you can choose from. There is also the option to create your own.

Choose one template to use, and customize it to your liking.Once you are done, click on Continue.

Now, go ahead and enter all details of the campaign including the Schedule when the email campaign should be sent out.

If you have scheduled the email campaign to be sent later, then click on Schedule button.
To send out the campaign immediately, then select “Send Now” and click on Send Now button.

Congratulations!! You just sent out your first email campaign with Constant Contact.

Here is an example of a campaign received.

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